A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made especially for Fantastic Arcade's "BARFCADE" Game Jam.

Programming and Art by Austin Ivansmith @ivandashsmith

Music and SFX by Jake "Virt" Kaufman @virtjk

FWUMP is a loveable giant, a living mountain with an insatiable appetite for shrimp. Sometimes this first love has it's drawbacks, and FWUMP can't help but let out a volcanic geyser of bile and crustacean on the land below. His pets, two miniature world-class chefs he carries around with him in his hands, engage in an ancient battle of supremecy while FWUMP is in this fragile state; smacking giant decapods falling from the sky and drinking the sweet, sweet bile of their master raining down upon them for extra power to defeat arch-nemesis.

  • FWUMP is a two-player game where players hit flying shrimp at their opponent
  • Player 1 is controlled with WASD and Space, Player 2 with arrows and Enter
  • Press Space/Enter to whack falling shrimp, or hit back shrimp in defense
  • Press W/Up do "Drink" the falling vomit and increase power and score per shrimp
  • The player with the highest score when the time is up is the winner
  • Play with keyboard, or with USB controllers
Published Sep 13, 2014
PlatformsWindows, macOS

Install instructions

No installing necessary. Double click and enjoy!

Press "Escape" to exit the game at any time

Press "alt-Enter" to exit/enter full screen

FWUMP also supports USB Controllers for all you barfcore gamers out there


FWUMP-1.0.0.app.zip 5 MB