A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made especially for Fantastic Arcade's "BARFCADE" Game Jam.

Programming and Art by Austin Ivansmith @ivandashsmith

Music and SFX by Jake "Virt" Kaufman @virtjk

FWUMP is a loveable giant, a living mountain with an insatiable appetite for shrimp. Sometimes this first love has it's drawbacks, and FWUMP can't help but let out a volcanic geyser of bile and crustacean on the land below. His pets, two miniature world-class chefs he carries around with him in his hands, engage in an ancient battle of supremecy while FWUMP is in this fragile state; smacking giant decapods falling from the sky and drinking the sweet, sweet bile of their master raining down upon them for extra power to defeat arch-nemesis.

  • FWUMP is a two-player game where players hit flying shrimp at their opponent
  • Player 1 is controlled with WASD and Space, Player 2 with arrows and Enter
  • Press Space/Enter to whack falling shrimp, or hit back shrimp in defense
  • Press W/Up do "Drink" the falling vomit and increase power and score per shrimp
  • The player with the highest score when the time is up is the winner
  • Play with keyboard, or with USB controllers


FWUMP-1.0.0.app.zip 5 MB

Install instructions

No installing necessary. Double click and enjoy!

Press "Escape" to exit the game at any time

Press "alt-Enter" to exit/enter full screen

FWUMP also supports USB Controllers for all you barfcore gamers out there